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img Samsung RT50K6531SL 500L Twin Cooling Plus Top Freezer
High efficiency LED lighting is slimmer, cooler and more power-efficient than conventional lighting. Located on the top and sides, it beautifully and brilliantly illuminates every corner, ensuring better visibility.
Promotions | R12,885.97 R10,903.36
img Samsung RB29HWR3DSA 360L Frost Free Bottom Freezer Refrigerator
Digital Inverter Technology Display & Dispenser Easy Slide Shelf
Promotions | R7,999.00 R6,938.14
img Sony PlayStation Classic Mini Console
Game Titles: Pre-Battle Arena Toshinden Cool Boarders 2 Destruction Derby Final Fantasy VII Grand Theft Auto Intelligent Qube Jumping Flash! Metal Gear Solid Mr. Driller Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee Rayman Resident Evil Director’s Cut Revelations: Persona Ridge Racer Type 4 Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo Syphon Filter Tekken 3 Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Twisted Metal Wild Arms
Promotions | R1,981.62 R1,189.56
img JVC TH-BY370 Bluetooth Soundbar
Bluetooth FM radio 3D experience LED display USB input AUX in Optical input
Promotions | R1,089.44 R1,089.44
img Metro Exodus (PS4)
Embark on an incredible journey – board the Aurora, a heavily modified steam locomotive, and join a handful of survivors as they search for a new life in the East Experience Sandbox Survival – a gripping story links together classic Metro gameplay with new huge, non-linear levels A beautiful, hostile world – discover the post-apocalyptic Russian wilderness, brought to life with stunning day / night cycles and dynamic weather Deadly combat and stealth – scavenge and craft in the field to customize your arsenal of hand-made weaponry, and engage human and mutant foes in thrilling tactical combat Your choices determine your comrades’ fate – not all your companions will survive the journey; your decisions have consequence in a gripping storyline that offers massive re-playability The ultimate in atmosphere and immersion – a flickering candle in the darkness; a ragged gasp as your gasmask frosts over; the howl of a mutant on the night wind – Metro will immerse and terrify you like no other game…
Home Entertainment | R991.25 R842.60 View more Deals